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City of Burnsville adopts its first Sustainability Plan!

The first project of its kind for a Twin Cities community, the Burnsville Sustainability Guide Plan is being used as a blueprint and model for cities throughout Minnesota and the nation. 

EOR led a team of 10 organizations and companies including ourselves, both non-profits and for-profits, in working with the City to complete a year-long process in outlining sustainability issues with input from a broad base of experts and stakeholders. The process led to the development of the Burnsville Sustainability Guide Plan.

Designed to aid the City in addressing local sustainability challenges over the next 15 years, the Burnsville Sustainability Guide Plan provides a framework of identified sustainability best practice areas (BPAs) with corresponding strategies and performance indicators that the city can use to implement activities that are practical, cost-effective, and sustainably beneficial to the city. 

14 Sustainability Best Practice Areas

- Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
- Product Stewardship
- Greenhouse Gas Reduction
- Sustainable Land Use
- Sustainable Transportation
- Renewable Energy
- Energy Efficiency

- Sustainable Building Practices
- Community Health
- Recycling & Waste Reduction
- Healthy Urban Forests
- Sustainability Education
- Surface & Groundwater Resources
- Innovative Opportunities

For more project information see Our Work section.
The Burnsville Sustainability Guide Plan can be found on the City of Burnsville's web-site.