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EOR - Helping to Address Climate Change

Camilla Correll has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as part of a research team that will examine the potential effects of climate change through the adaptation of shoreline best management practices (BMPs). Other members of the research team include: Barbara Liukkonen (Education Coordinator for the U of M, Water Resources Center), John Chapman and Bruce Wilson (BBE), Miki Hondzo and Anne Lightbody (SAFL), Mary Blickenderfer, Shane Missaghi, and Karen Terry (U of M Extension Services).

Three major project components include:
1.) forming a statewide Climate Change Adaptation Working Group;
2.) performing coupled hydrodynamic lake modeling; and
3.) conducting field experimentation at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory.

climate change adaptation work group

Climate Change Adaptation Working Group
The Climate Change Adaptation Working Group meets monthly to develop practices, review results, and to discuss ways in which management policies can be drafted to address the issues of climate change.

hydrodynamic lake modeling

Hydrodynamic Lake Modeling
Three climate change scenarios, illustrating the complete hydrologic cycle will be modeled + incorporated into a three dimensional lake model. This simulation will be used to evaluate the various climate change scenarios on both vegetated habitats and water quality.

St. Anthony Falls Lab

St. Anthony Falls Lab - experimentation
Based on the three dimensional lake model, various scenarios will be conducted at the SAFL that will demonstrate the response to various climate change hydromodifications and rain events

This grant project will provide design guidelines for shoreline BMPs that are adapted for potential climate change scenarios. Recommendations and results will be available to local units of government and consulting firms engaged in the designing, funding, and installing of shoreland BMPs.

Modeling, field experimentation installation, and monitoring will commence in 2010.
Data analysis and the development of the group's recommendations will proceed in late 2010/early 2011.