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EARTH DAY 2014 - Celebrating Green Cities!

EOR is proud to contribute to the greening of cities across Minnesota + North America. Recent EOR projects that contribute to GREENING our communities include:

Red River Corridor Restoration

Moorhead Red River Corridor Restoration:
ecorestoration + recreation integrated with floodplain mitigation

Wildlife habitat enhancements + recreational opportunities for over 800 acres of new parkland along the Red River.

stormwater reuse

Stormwater Reuse Study
providing tools to calculate stormwater harvesting

Providing municipalities with the tools they need to calculate stormwater harvesting quantities and their corresponding benefits.

Westside Falts Design guidelines

Westside Flats Master Plan + Development Guidelines:
urban master plan for integrating green infrastructure
+ growth
Setting design directions for future, sustainable water management.

Thunder Bay, McVicar Creek Restoration

McVicar Creek Restoration:
watershed-wide approach to improving + protecting water quality
Designed over 50 stormwater retrofit projects and laid the foundation for the Thunder Bay Watershed Plan.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park Master Plan:
ecorestoration + recreation integration of an abandoned site
Integrating stormwater management + park recreation planning.

Going GREEN . . . today, tomorrow, + every day!