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'New' Industrial Stormwater Permit Requirements

As a leader in stormwater management and planning, EOR regularly addresses communities' water quality and flood control concerns. In addition to the MN Stormwater Manual, EOR aided the MPCA in developing the new 2010 Industrial Stormwater Permit Guidance materials including both the

1.) MPCA's Permit Compliance Calendar (PDF link)
Also see 'MPCA Guidance' column in the row titled 'All Sectors' on the MPCA website.

2.) Sector-Specific Pollution Prevention Fact Sheets (MPCA weblink)
See column 'MPCA Guidance' in the sector-specific table. On April 5th the MPCA updated the Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity, including its Multi-Sector General Permit requirements. If you need assistance in navigating and/or completing your permit application by your sector's deadline, please contact Jay Michels

MPCA's New Permitting Requirements + How We Can Help:

industrial permit assistance

Permit Assistance

Fully conversant with the new permit requirements, we can assist you in developing:

  • a fast-track SWPPP to meet application deadlines
  • structural BMPs that meet benchmark + effluent monitoring limits
  • training programs for employees and staff

BMP efficiency design

BMP Design Efficiency

We can design your BMPs to meet Appendix C Requirements, enabling you to avoid both:

  • benchmark monitoring, and
  • quarterly reporting requirements.

stormwater permit documentation

Basic Requests + Documentation

We can also assist you in the following:

  • completing a permit application on your behalf
  • identifying impaired waters within a one mile radius of your site
  • monitoring for annual effluent
  • quarterly benchmark monitoring and reporting