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Sustainability Framework Planning

EOR's 13 year history in natural resources engineering, planning, and management, allows us to continuously advance the notion of resources management and planning to help frame and address many of the sustainability issues our communities are facing today.

Our experience in developing many of Minnesota's groundbreaking management plans and in leading some of the largest public input /stakeholder agreement efforts allows us to aid others in developing various guidance documents such as Sustainability Plans, Climate Action Plans, Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Reduction Plans.

Burnsville Sustainability Plan

  • EOR worked with the city and led a large team of specialists in developing The Burnsville Sustainability Plan - the 1st municipality to adopt a Sustainability plan in MN.
  • The plan provides 37 sustainability strategies & over 200 implementation activities with each activity tied to specific city policies, standards, operations, and facilities for immediate implementation.

St. Cloud Metro-Area Sustainability Plan

  • Includes 7 cities, 6 townships, 3 counties, and 4 educational institutions making this plan one of the largest in terms of facilitating the stakeholder & public involvement process.
  • The framework is being developed so that it can be flexible enough to address the local conditions of any particular government unit or level with multiple audiences.

Bemidji State Univ. and the City of Bemidji

  • EOR led team of specialists will be working with both entities to address the University's recently signed Climate Action Commitment, as well as the concerns of Bemidji's Sustainability Committee.
  • This projects represents a unique partnership between an institution and a municipality working together to address community concerns collectively.

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