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Edmonton LID Location Study

EOR, in partnership with Computational Hydraulics, Inc. (CHI) and Impact Infrastructure (II), is working with the City of Edmonton in completing a LID Location Study.

The purpose of the LID Location Study is to develop a robust plan to implement LID facilities across the currently developed areas in the City of Edmonton. The study is assessing the holistic cost-benefits of LID, including the City’s Triple Bottom Line criteria, and will quantify the expected runoff volume and pollutant reductions achievable using LID distributed across the entire City. The study will compare the potential benefits from implementing all feasible LID opportunities on City land, residential properties, and industrial/commercial/institutional developments. Hydrologic and hydraulic models of a neighborhood draining to a combined sewer system was also conducted to assess the potential reduction in combined sewer overflow achieved by LID implementation. This green infrastructure based approach was recommended in the Combined Sewer Discharge Strategy and the Mill Creek Erosion Study, it is part of the Total Loading Plan and the City’s Approval to Operate, and is considered a stormwater management Best Management Practice (BMP).

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