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The Rose: Sustainable Design for All

The Rose is a mixed-income, sustainable, urban community on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. The former urban brownfield site was transformed into a network of vibrant gathering spaces, play areas, stormwater treatment cells, and a community garden gathered around two new apartment buildings that provide housing at both market and affordable rates.

Outdoor spaces were maximized in order to extend living areas from inside the apartments to an intimate courtyard situated on top of an intensive green roof. In addition, over 90% of rainwater is captured on site and used for community garden irrigation or treated in bio-infiltration cells.  

  • The community garden is a central design element. It is irrigated entirely with roof runoff collected from the buildings and treated with a UV filter.
  • The courtyard which provides a network of outdoor living spaces is also a green roof located above the underground parking garage.
  • Roof runoff not collected for garden irrigation is directed to a series of raingardens which infiltrate water on site.

To learn more about this project click this link: The Rose