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Thunder Bay Stormwater Master Plan (SMP):
for sustainable surface water management

EOR is developing a SMP for the City of Thunder Bay and its seven upstream watersheds, as well as a Comprehensive Consultation Plan designed to engage a large variety of project stakeholders. The SMP will serve to protect water quality and the health of the water resources that shape and define Thunder Bay. 

As part of the planning process, a feasibility-level PCSWMM model will be created for the City’s five key municipal areas and base models will be developed for all watersheds.
The Plan will assess the impact of future development and climate change on both infrastructure and the environment, as well as recommend strategies, policies, and standards to mitigate development impacts. The Plan will also identify retrofit options that will improve water quality and manage the system’s capacity.

As part of the overall Thunder Bay SWP, a 20-year Implementation Plan will also be developed to provide an optimized & prioritized summary of the larger Thunder Bay SMP.

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