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Water Harvesting and Re-Use:
identifying site opportunities

In helping to reach the goals of an approved TMDL & in reducing the use of muni-supplied potable water for irrigation, EOR designed a storage tank to capture runoff from a residential subwatershed of Burandt Lake to be reused for irrigating adjacent high school athletic fields.
The mainly residential, with some commercial, area is drained via streets and parking lots, directing excess runoff (containing sediment, phosphorous, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants) to a storage tank in conjunction with a muni-street reconstruction project.

Project challenges include modular design to allow for phased expansion, coordination with stakeholders, maintain construction footprint within City Right-of-Way or per-missible encroachment into School District property, and critical tank material selection given the highly corrosive soils that also meet typical maintenance practices.

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