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featuring local artists and supporting culture in our communities

The natural environment and the humanity that it supports, inspire our work here at EOR. Recognizing this connection, EOR has created an in-office gallery that serves to celebrate the cultural aspects of our community.

In addition to our temporary exhibits, EOR also maintains a private collection that helps to support local artists and promotes access to the arts among staff and our visitors. Prompting dialog, discussion, and an appreciation of the arts – as well as the sciences.

Current Exhibit:

Eric Cornett

Mpls. Artist - College of Visual Arts, St. Paul

Eric is inspired by the beautiful scenery, especially in the morning and evening light during spring and autumn, when there is a greater variety of color." It helps to slow things down and notice the little things like the sunrise on a pond or the bird that you may have never noticed while walking on the nature trail". Eric captures these images in a realistic way, with a hint of impressionism to achieve the right color balance with a slighly simplified color palette.

Learn more about Eric Cornett and his work.

Previously Exhibited Artists/Shows:

Margot Dedrick

BA, Studio Arts – St. Olaf College, 2006

Margot’s work is inspired from a variety of sources, ranging from plant cells & anthrax bacteria to landscapes & grids. She considers the interconnectedness of the physical world by reducing subjects to their most fundamental forms and distorting them.

Learn more about Margot Dedrick and her work.

Margot Dedrick - detail

Caitlin Karolczak

BA, BFA – Univ. of Minnesota, 2005

Caitlin was one of the first artist's to be featured in ART@EOR's program in 2008. We are pleased again to exhibit her new, paper works featuring bird-inspired collages and her natural sketches reminiscent of the rich history of natural illustration in the arts.

Learn more about Caitlin Karolczak and her work.


Caitlin Karolczak - snowy owl bird collage


Jeannine Spooner Kitzhaber

BFA, MFA - University of Minnesota 1995 & 2000

The subject matter of Kitzhaber’s newest series of art is maps. Feeling disconnected from her surroundings due to her busy lifestyle and travel for work, Kitzhaber began working with the idea of the map as art. Maps also became a tangible method to address the idea of place and travel. Through maps, she began to see connections in pattern, line, color, shape and form. Learn more about Jeannine's work.

Teri Bloch

BFA - University of Minnesota 1998

Teri Bloch’s distilled urban images are a glimpse of the activities and fragments of city life. This series is on ongoing exploration into how the dialogue between space, color, form and line communicate perceptions that have been influenced by an internal dynamic. The paintings are acrylic on wood panels or canvas. Learn more about Teri's work.

Eddie Hamilton


As a corporate graphic designer for over 15 yrs, Eddie's background provides a foundation for his direct & playful work which represents the emotion, energy, & interactions of people in their communities. His works examines gentrification and interpersonal urban contact. His representation of people & the urban setting has been greatly influenced by his childhood in SoCal.

Learn more about Eddie Hamilton and his work.

Lázár, Konrád


Konrád's work examines our built & natural worlds through studies of scale, form, texture, and geometric composition. His photography is influenced by the works of László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Aleksandr Rodchenko, the Russian constructivists, and the Italian futurists. Interested and educated in science, nature, and art, Konrád combines all these aspects in his work & approach. Konrád produces works that are more personal in nature, and which are rarely exhibited.



Aylssa Wendorff
B.F.A - University of Minnesota, 2005

Proud to be a regional artist, Aylssa Wendorff was born in Rhinelander and raised in Madison, WI. Now in St. Paul, Aylssa continues to explore notions of site & place. Her work focuses on the shape, experience, and memory of the Midwestern landscape. "Landscape is the shape of the world. It is the place where experience begins and returns. .... is also the shape of memory. It is the place where my mind rests, obsesses, and remembers."

Learn more about Alyssa Wendorff and her work.


David Malcolm Scott
B.Arch - University of Minnesota
M.F.A. - Mpls. College of Art & Design (mcad)

David's work is anchored in the plains & prairies of the American West & Midwest. His graduate work, which refined the idea of re-establishing a ‘prairie strip’ that stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico between the 96 & 97th longitudes, continues to influence much of his current work. 

Learn about David Malcolm Scott and his work.

Ingrid Restemayer
BFA - University of North Dakota, 1996

Originally from North Dakota, Ingrid studied fiber arts & print making. Her works are influenced by familial generations of craftsmen, reflecting traditional embroidery techniques while incorporating process-intensive fine art mediums through collage. Ingrid's work reminds society that non-mechanized art and imagery is still achievable and experiential. 

Learn more about Ingrid Restemayer and her work.


Water is Life

5th Annual Art Contest Winners

The Freshwater Society's 'Water is Life' Program encourages senior high school students from across MN to express their views of water with art. The Freshwater Society, in collaboration with Minnesota's educational cooperative service units, sponsors the contest as part of an on-going effort to educate youth of the importance of protecting and sustaining freshwater.

Learn more about the Water is Life Art Contest


Margaret T. Gill

BA, BFA – University of Minnesota, 2005

Margaret's work depicts the experience of being within a landscape, specifically focusing on terrain that has been manipulated by human interaction. “I commonly incorporate odd details, text, or ephemera, which are often inspired from the place or experience that I am trying to represent. ... The applications I’ve experimented with have become the resource with which I am able to convey the visual emotion of a landscape”. Learn more about Margaret T. Gill.


Joel Starkey

MFA - Kansas State Univ.

Raised in Wisconsin and now based in Minneapolis, Joel Starkey exhibits throughout the Twin Cities and is a member of the Rosalux Gallery.  His work explores how identity can be shaped through external and internal forces: location, personality, interests, goals, gender, dreams, etc.  He uses line and shape to bring together often contradictory imagery in to one cohesive whole."
Learn more about Joel Starkey and his work.


Ray Becoskie

Traditional self-taught painter

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ray started painting in 1986, using it as an alternative to study hall and found a new way to explore what he considers in life, to be little gems - contradictions, conundrums, and dysfunction. "With the diabolical nature of symbolism and maddening variables of spatial construction I strive to create a narrative to convey these little gems."

Learn more about Ray Becoskie and his work.


Chillon Leach

BA - Univ. of Minnesota, 1983

Raised in Benson, MN Chillon lives in St. Paul where her current focus is on religious and liturgical art, as well as secular mixed media paintings. Chillon’s “Swift County Landscapes: Prairie Soul Remembered” depicts the changing atmospheric conditions and seasons over fields, roads, sloughs, lakes, and rivers of Swift County in rural Minnesota. Reflecting the ‘soul’ of the prairie, as well as and her attachment to environment in which she was raised. Learn more about Chillon Leach and her work.

chillon leach

Michael Schmidt

BA – Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Raised in Canada, Michael lives in St. Paul and works as a fine artist, scenic painter, and illustrator. Represented in collections throughout the U.S and Canada, Michael’s paintings focuses on “the beauty and variety of everyday life” which are the constant sources of inspiration for his paintings. “Common household objects, the urban and natural landscape, and the people I encounter provide endless ideas for color, form, and composition.”

Learn more about Michael Schmidt and his work.

michael schmidt

Caitlin Karolczak

BA, BFA – Univ. of Minnesota, 2005

Raised on Minnesota’s Iron Range, Caitlin lives in Minneapolis. “I am attracted to the way early photographers blur the line between artistic portraiture and medical illustration. ... My attraction to early medical and memorial imagery reflects a desire for my work to mirror these sentiments of beauty and distress, but at the same time take them a step further in a way that photography cannot”.

Learn more about Caitlin Karolczak and her work.

caitlin karolczak

Teri Bloch

BFA – Univ. of Minnesota, 1998

Teri's paintings explore how the dialogue between space, color, form and line communicate perceptions that are often influenced by an internal dynamic. By concentrating on the simplification of form, an abbreviated and abstracted rendering of space and on the relationship of the formal elements, Teri creates distilled images that trigger something universal in the mind of the viewer - leaving enough ambiguity in the hopes of unlocking a deeper sense of reality. Learn more about Teri Bloch and her work.

Teri Bloch

Ruth Donhowe

BFA – Univ. of Minnesota, 1954

After decades of traveling abroad, Ruth has returned to MN. Ruth's work often reflects Norway (her parents' homeland) and Lake Superior where her family had summered. “I have always felt a strong connection to the land, and in the studio endeavor to capture the spirit of place in pigment and brush stroke. Out of chaos comes form – order out of disorder –harmony out of discord – and sometimes, discord out of harmony.  I feel drawn to the land, sea and sky as a state of endless change from which no thing and no one ever escapes”.

Ruth Dunhowe

Trudy Nicholson

B.F.A - Columbia Univ.
Medical Arts - Massachusetts General Hospital

Trudy Nicholson was an artist featured by EOR on one of our holiday cards a few years ago (to the delight of many). Since then, Trudy has been very busy illustrating many nature and scientific books. Her most recent illustrations are featured in the new book "The View From Lazy Point" by the prominent ecologist and marine conservationist, Carl Safina. To learn more about the book and see more illustrations by Trudy, see the review in the NY Times.

Learn more about Trudy Nicholson's art.


Margaret Carroll

BFA, MFA – Illinois Institute of Arts, 1975

Raised in Chicago, Margaret lives in Minneapolis and spends time painting at her cabin on the Gunflint Trail. "I paint the wilderness because it is alive and completely untamed. To me, The Boundary Waters area is pure living soul. I am fascinated by the cycle of death and rebirth in nature. Creativity, like spirituality is a mystery. You can't box it or define it by its very nature”.

Learn more about Margaret Carroll and her work.