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EOR + Biotic Impairments / Biotic TMDLs

New contributions from EOR's TMDL group include the guidance for Red River Basin biotic impairment assessments and the recent EPA-approved Hardwood Creek Impaired Biota (Fish) and Low DO TMDL, one of the first biotic TMDLs in Minnesota. The group is currently completing another biotic TMDL for Brown's Creek, as well as many other conventional TMDL studies.

EOR's New Dive Team

EOR's Dive Team was busy conducting mussel species surveys on the Swan River this summer - learn more about EORs mussel surveying, relocation, and monitoring programs.

EOR Part of Research Team Addressing Climate Change

Camilla Correll has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as part of a research team that will examine the potential effects of climate change through the adaptation of shoreline best management practices (BMPs).

City Council Adopts Burnsville's Sustainability Plan

EOR worked with the City of Burnsville and led a large team of experts and stakeholders in the drafting of the first Sustainability Plan to be adopted by a municipality in Minnesota.