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Blue Star Award - celebrating community stormwater management!

In partnership with the Friends of the Mississippi River, EOR is proud to announce the Blue Star Award Program for communities that excel in stormwater management. As part of the MPCA's GreenStep Program, the Blue Star Award Program allows communities to perform assessments on key practices that affect our State's most precious natural resource - water.

EOR Receives 2010 Environmental Initiative Award:

We are happy to announcement that the Arlington-Pascal Stormwater Improvements received the 2010 Environmental Initiative Award for Natural Resource Protection and Restoration from the Environmental Initiative. Completed for the Capitol Region Watershed District, these projects have reduced pollutants from entering Como Lake, significantly improving the lake's water quality.

Sustainability Planning + Guidance Frameworks

Continuously advancing resources management, EOR is building on the development of MN's first municipality adopted Sustainability Plan and is currently aiding multiple communities & campuses in drafting guidance frameworks to address sustainability and climate action concerns, such as waste, energy, greenhouse gas, and carbon reductions, to name a few.

Industrial Stormwater Permitting - 2010 Updates

EOR developed both the 2010 Permit Compliance Calendar and the Sector-Specific Pollution Prevention Fact Sheets for the MPCA's recently updated Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity. Learn more about the new updates and how EOR can help you navigate this process.

EOR Receives 2010 ACEC-MN Grand Award:

EOR has been recognized by the Minnesota chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for their Arlington-Pascal Stormwater Improvement projects which involved a series of best management practice (BMP) engineering facilities throughout the Como neighborhood in St. Paul, MN. These projects have helped reduced neighborhood flooding, as well as improve the water quality of Como Lake.