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EOR WRAPS Up 2014!

EOR has been busy this year working on numerous Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) Plans and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Studies for both the MPCA and EPA. Those recently completed are listed below, click links for PDFs of the full reports.

Thunder Bay Stormwater Management Master Plan

EOR is working with the City of Thunder Bay in the developing the Thunder Bay Stormwater Master Plan (SMP) which will serve to protect water quality and the health of the water resources that shape and define Thunder Bay.  The Plan will assess the impact of future development and climate change on both infrastructure and the environment, as well as recommend strategies, policies, and standards to mitigate development impacts.

Learn more about EOR's involvement with the Thunder Bay SMP here

EOR Technical Workshop on the Rural Stormwater Management Model

In July, EOR presented to 80 people about their recent work in developing the Rural Stormwater Management Model (RSWMM) for Lake Huron’s southeast shoreline, in a largely rural area stretching from Sarnia to Tobermory in Ontario, Canada. The workshop was hosted by Healthy Lake Huron: Clean Water, Clean Beaches, a partnership of federal and provincial ministries, public health, local conservation agencies, and other partners.

Learn more about EOR's involvement with the RSWMM here

EARTH DAY 2014 - Celebrating GREEN Cities!

In keeping with the theme of Green Cities for Earth Day for 2014, EOR is highlighting our recent work that will contribute to greener communities for our clients & future generations.

Learn more about the Earth Day 2014 Green Cities Campaign

ART@EOR: Margot Dedrick featured in Spring exhibition!

EOR is proud to feature local artist Margot Dedrick for our Spring exhibition and welcome her use of color around the office. Inspired by science and the interconnectedness of the physical world, Margot's work blurs the boundaries of growth and decay, order and chaos, and macrocosm and microcosm.

Learn more about Margot and the ART@ EOR Program

Stormwater Harvesting & Reuse Research

EOR recently completed the study 'Stormwater Harvesting: Accounting of Benefits and Feasibility'. The goal of this study was to develop a model and calculator that would quantify phosphorus reduction benefits of phosphorus sedimentation in the stormwater storage basin and the application of stormwater to irrigate lawns.

Learn more about the study + download the stormwater harvesting calculator here.

EOR's Iowa Watershed Project in the News

EOR is developing Squaw Creek Watershed Improvements for Story County Iowa with funding from the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources. Learn more here.

Stormwater Volume Controls Work!

See recent article 'Impaired Urban Waters & TMDLs' with contributions by EOR's Bruce Wilson & Jay Michels in Land and Water, the magazine of Natural Resources Management and Restoration.

New Year Welcomes New Team Members!

EOR is proud to announce the recent additions of Jason Ulrich, Michael Talbot,
& Paula Kalinosky
to our team.

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