Our Work

Mill Park - The Historic Hennepin Paper Company:
an ecological restoration of a historic landmark

EOR worked with the City, the Citizens of Little Falls, and multiple agencies (The State Historic Preservation Office, MnDNR, EPA, Morrison County Historical Society & Morrison County SWCD, USACE) to transform a historic, polluted paper mill on the banks of the Mississippi River into a city park.

EOR’s plans for the site fostered the transformation of the contaminated landmark into a public amenity. Mill Park, as the site in now known, has reclaimed the site’s ecologic function and preserved an invaluable piece of history. The community is once again turning its focus toward the landmark and the Mississippi River, the force behind the mill and the community.

Major Project Components Include

Client Benefits:

You wish that some of the original buildings could have been saved, but we’re happy to save some of the elements and let the people know that something important was there.
- Morrison County Historical Society


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