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The Burnsville Sustainability Guide Plan:
a municipal framework for sustainability

This project was the first of its kind for a twin cities community and has provided an example for other communities to follow. Focusing on its environmental impact, the City of Burnsville is currently implementing strategies for sustainability city-wide. The year-long process included reviewing sustainability issues with input from a broad base of experts and stakeholders that led to the development of 14 priority areas of sustainability best practice.

The Burnsville Sustainability Plan includes practices, implementation strategies, performance indicators, and estimated costs in each of the 14 Best Practice Areas. The Plan’s organizational strategy outlines how the City can effectively incorporate the sustainability initiatives into the operations of each City Department.

14 Sustainability Best Practice Areas:

- Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
- Product Stewardship
- Greenhouse Gas Reduction
- Sustainable Land Use
- Sustainable Transportation
- Renewable Energy
- Energy Efficiency

- Sustainable Building Practices
- Community Health
- Recycling & Waste Reduction
- Healthy Urban Forests
- Sustainability Education
- Surface & Groundwater Resources
- Innovative Opportunities

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View the Burnsville's Sustainability Guide Plan and keep track of Burnsville's Implemented Sustainability Actions, view the 2009, 2010, & 2011 Annual Sustainability Reports.

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