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North Shore / Lake Superior Projects

EOR has been very active in this area from both sides of the US/Canada border, addressing water quality issues that affect the northern region and Lake Superior itself. Below are a few current and recently completed projects.

Cook County, MN

Lake Superior North Watershed - One Watershed, One Plan

  • EOR is developing one of the five pilot plans for BWSR's One Watershed, One Plan Pilot Program for the Lake Superior North Watershed.
  • View the current draft plan here.
  • The program "is a holistic and coordinated approach to addressing water quality improvements, .... [and] will result in plans with prioritized, targeted and measurable implementation actions that meet or exceed current water plan content standards.” - BWSR Executive Director John Jaschke

St. Louis River Corridor

St. Louis River Corridor Parks Planning

  • EOR is working with the Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. to design a series of Mini-Master Plans for eight parks along the St. Louis River Corridor.
  • These plans will serve to meet the St. Louis River Corridor’s park and recreation needs. Plans for each park will balance the desires of each neighborhood with recreation needs and be consistent with the over arching vision for the St. Louis River Corridor, the 2010 Parks & Recreation Master Plan & the 2011 Trail & Bikeway Plan.

Thunder Bay - Ontario, Canada

Thunder Bay Master Stormwater Management Plan (SMP)

  • EOR is completing a SMP to protect water quality and the health of the water resources in Thunder Bay. The Plan will assess the impact of future development and climate change on infrastructure and the environment.
  • The Plan will recommend stormwater strategies, policies, and standards, as well as identify retrofit options to improve water quality.

    See here for more info + additional links

Poplar River bank stabilization

Poplar River Stabilization

  • Through continual erosion processes, the Poplar River was placed on the Minnesota Impaired Waters List. EOR conducted a detailed assessment of this stream reach which informed the restoration of this northern trout fishery.
  • EOR’s team implemented several ‘stream training devices’ in the form of bendway weirs to restore sediment contribution balance and stability.

    See here for more project information

McVicar's Creek - Thunder Bay, Ontario

McVicar's Creek Protection & Rehabilitation Plan

  • The Plan included a comprehensive assessment of the 50 sq.km. McVicar Creek Watershed (a trout tributary to Lake Superior).
  • Incentive, regulatory, educational protection, & restoration strategies were identified & prioritized. In addition, implementation strategies were tailored to the physical, social, and climatic characteristics of the watershed.

    See here for the McVicar Creek Protection & Restoration Plan

Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior - Ontario

Clearwater Creek Stormwater Management Plan

  • EOR is working with the Township of Nipigon to address the increased stormwater runoff rates and volumes resulting from urbanization and development have resulted in increased erosion and sedimentation in the natural waterways, in particular Clearwater Creek and the Nipigon River Lagoon.
  • Clearwater Creek is a tributary to Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior and supports an active trout fishery.