Bulletin Board

Mississippi Riverfront Projects - St. Paul, MN

Summer/Fall 2008


Raspberry Island:

Re-opening this summer in time for the Republican National Convention, St. Paul’s Park & Recreation Department looked to EOR to stabilize the degraded shoreline of Raspberry Island. This substantial geotechnical undertaking required the strategic placement of over 15,000 tons of limestone rip-rap and 1,000 feet of sheet piling to stabilize this vulnerable island in the Mississippi River.

Harriet Island:

Starting construction this Fall, EOR is working to complete the final phase of the Harriet Island renovations. Some of the highlights of this ambitious project includes: the stabilization of Mississippi River shoreline using the latest soft-armor and soil-bioengineering techniques; an elaborate bioretention garden which visitors can inhabit and intimately experience; and an expansion of the boardwalk/trail system. All of these newly incorporated elements will serve to improve the educational and functional ecologic/hydrologic connections to the Mississippi River.

The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary:

EOR assisted multiple stakeholders in transformed this once abandoned and polluted site by restoring its rare and threatened native plant communities, assisting in the remediation of the contaminated soils, and developing a park master plan which celebrates the site’s historical significance.